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Hey I'm Thinking

So,what do you do when your opponent keeps betting and you are on a flush draw after the flop? If the pot odds are right, stick with it but beware if you hit a king high flush, your opponent may be bluffing or she may have the ace high flush. That was just one of the exciting hands played on Poker Pros night at the loft this past Friday night......come join us for our April event, check back here for the dates.


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Amateur Night Lessons

Small but good group last night.......we talked about poker and practiced, checking, folding and raiseing, playing position, counting outs and picking up on tells and general poker etiquette....Jennifer won the tournament, she was lucky with her full houses! But Claire is going to be a force to be dealt with in the future. If you don't know how to play Texas Hold Em Poker then come to Amateur night and soon you will be playing with the Rogue Women Poker for home games in Palm…


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2010 Women's WSOP Event at the Rio

Well, I am back from Vegas and I need a vacation from my vacation.....we had a blast however! We ate and drank well, my friends from high school joined in the fun and Donna was THE most supportive person a poker player could hope for.....

I started by playing in the LIPS tournament at the Golden Nugget on Thur for a warm up to my biggest tournament ever. There were a couple hundred women playing in this Texas Hold Em tournament and I was…


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Beach Blanket Hold Em

14 players showed up at my friend Todd's house at the beach and only 3 were women but when the tournament was done it was the 3 women in first, second and third place (yours truely)! Is that because we had superior math minds, more patience, suberb intuition or was it that we drank less, didn't care about the cash game to follow, and were LUCKY!

Thanks to Todd for hosting......see you boys when I get back from Vegas!


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Eight days and counting till the World Series of Poker Ladies Event. I know what you’re thinking, you are no lady, but I am still gonna play. I really hope my luck changes before I get down there, I have been taking some really bad beats lately. You know what they say (or at least I always…


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World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.....Watch Out.....Here I Come

I have been practicing and playing anywhere and everywhere I can getting ready to live out my dream.....i am going to Vegas to play in the women's event of the 2010 World Series of Poker at the Rio.

I am nervous and really excited.....I am vowing to play tight so I can stay in the tournament then the next minute I have visions of being blinded out because I am paralysed and can't decide what hand to play. Maybe I should be the table…


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Who says you shouldn't play a 5 and a 3 as hole cards......

The beauty of poker is it keeps you thinking all the time......sometimes you are calulating your outs or the pot odds and other times you are reading your opponents or trying to decide if you should take a chance on cards that the experts say are no good.......

We had a full table of experienced players at the last poker pros night and the stacks went up and down in front of each player for hours and then our newest member Sin and Ink decides to play her 5 and 3 hole…


Added by Nicki on May 15, 2010 at 12:26pm — 1 Comment

Zephyr Women's Night at the Loft

WOW ....what a good time we had tonight.....we laughed so hard we almost spit out our beer and there was some really good poker being played. Even though there were no Zephyr Women here tonight we had a full table and had a great time. We hope to have a full table every month when we hold these nights......

Coming up is a Rogue Women Poker Charity Tournament for Sonoma County Pride in Petaluma on Saturday April 17th at 6:30pm. More details to…


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Big Success at Our First East Bay RWP Night!

Lots of fun at our first East Bay RWP poker night in Pleasanton! Thanks to Cindy and the new Windermere Pleasanton real estate office for hosting. We actually had a real poker table with cup holders and everything. For the first time we started the night with a ring game with a $40 buy in.....the play was lively and the women were good competitors! We are definitely planning on a monthly get together so come join us. Check back for the next get together in March! Once you sign up I will…


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Whatta Friday Night

We had 9 players this past Friday night at the loft and it was a wild toad was a hard fought tournament but the top 3 were Sue, Gabrielle and Donna! For those of you who are new, we play a tournament style game at our poker nights because it is one amount to enter and you can play until you get knocked out. Perhaps at a later date when our groups are more established in each geographic area, we can move to a limit ring game or if you have an interest in hosting different type of… Continue

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Let's Get This Party Started.....its 2010

Hello Everyone,

i am back from SoCal where i played in the local Casino's daily No Limit Texas Hold Em tournament 6 or 7 times. I won first place once and 4th place once.....the rest of the time I either got knocked out early or finished in the middle of the pack. I do this when I am on vacation so I can judge the level of my skill at the game.....Most people who play at these small casinos are regulars and are pretty good. My biggest challenge was when I tried to hone my skill at… Continue

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East Bay Poker?

Hello RWP! I am wondering if anyone is located in the East Bay (Walnut Creek, San Ramon, Pleasanton) and hosting poker games. I would definately be interested. Thanks!

Added by Jill Barnes on October 3, 2009 at 4:25pm — 3 Comments

Great Group

Thank you ladies for a fun evening! As a first timer RWP, I highly recommend these classy, professional ladies to anyone that wants a $20 poker lesson! I am looking forward to the next time!

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Amateur Night

We held an Amateur night in July and we thank our new members who attended and were our test subjects. I think everyone learned a lot. It is difficult when there are varying levels of players so in the future we are going to have just one trainer and we will start with the basics. Since everyone wants to try their new skills, we will have one hour of training and then a $5 buy in tournament for just the newbies.

There will be a Rogue Women Poker amateur night once per month starting… Continue

Added by Nicki on July 29, 2009 at 10:46pm — 2 Comments

Birthday Poker Marathon

These days we are all staying home more so when I was asked what I wanted for my birthday this year, I said I'd love to play poker with all of my friends.

So this past Friday night, my business partner Jackie and her gf Michele hosted a party of 9 at their house.....first we feasted on fish, chicken and salad, had a few toasts, then settled down to play some Texas Hold Em.....then it happened, a Royal Flush came on the river. Not for me mind you but in all the years I have been playing, I… Continue

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Watch Out for the "Gee, I just learned to play poker" players!

The Rogue Women Poker night at the Big House in Noe Valley was a big sucess. We had two new first timers at one of our events.....welcome Amanda and Margaret. And for being new at RWP and at Texas Hold Em, they did very well in the early going.....racking up big stacks and bullying the table with their agressive betting (and some bluffing). But the patient old dogs held out for second and third place and Virginia danced and grooved her way to a first place win! Evidently the key to winning is… Continue

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Bigest Home Game Turnout Yet!

We crammed 12 players into the Bernal Heights tournament last Friday night (April 24th) for our biggest home game yet. We had players from Marin, the East Bay and the South South South Bay as well as the usual San Francisco suspects.

It is apparant that some players skills are improving and yet still the 3 time rookie player can still take home the biggest prize and 1st place....that spot was taken by Bobbi (see her pic in the member section-she is the one with the ears flapping in… Continue

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Coming Soon --- Quick Time slide show of photos from the first RWP Tournament in Palm Springs, April 3, 2009

Check back for video.

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RWP Tournament in Palm Springs is a Blast!

Thanks to our volunteer staff and the folks at the Spa Resort Casino for making the first RWP Texas Hold Em Tournament a grand success! And thanks to all the women who played in the tournament. We will be posting photos and blogs from the event shortly.


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A little afternoon poker

Played a two table 10+1 SNG and a five table 10+1 SNG on Full Tilt while doing some phone work today. Came in 6th on the larger game for 23.00. I have an old account on PokerStars and played some micro stakes cash NLHE and LHE.

For SNGs, 10.00 seems about right. I do best at MTT with 18-45 players.

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